Fabián Ñíguez

Creates sophisticated interiors that are luxurious, refined and always have a touch of the unexpected
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Dynamic eclecticism is the hallmark of the Madrid-based firm, whose work forges a perfect balance between timelessness and today. At the heart of every project is the belief that the best décor expresses personality and place. The resulting environments are inviting, delightful, and above all resolutely livable.

With a love of historical architecture, traditional decorative techniques and an ability to create surprising dialogues between styles, periods and objects, their work is imbued with a playful, irreverent spirit and a desire to make magic.

Working fluently between residential and commercial interior design, furniture and product design, their world is a celebration of conviviality, colour and exceptional craftsmanship.

Great Attention To Detail

The Design Firm innova and brings new possibilities in the interior Design of each project

Fabián Ñíguez undertakes each new project through a multi-faceted approach, and is characterized by combining elegance and distinction with rigor in aesthetic and compositional criteria. He wants to foreshadow a new tradition, where classicism is revisited and united with emotion, creating and sewing a costume and sewing a tailor-made suit and connecting unique and exclusive creations with his clients. For the Fabian Ñiguez Design Firm, small details are essential, since they make a project unique. Reflecting the personality, elegance and particular style of each client.


The company specializes in turnkey projects

Fabián Ñíguez Design Firm is formed by a team of qualified professionals, including architects, interior and product designers, capable of meeting the demands of each project and the highest quality standards demanded by each project with professional secrecy and confidentiality with its clients as its main value. In addition to collaborating with excellent manufacturers, craftsmen and suppliers.

Our design firm brings a unique expertise and approach to the art of interior design as well as the renovation of interiors as well as in the decoration of each project. We understand our clients, the use they give and want to convey to their spaces.

We offer a comprehensive interior design service that covers from the first sketches, the technical development and execution of the project down to the last detail, as well as the integral decoration advice, taking the utmost care in the choice of the pieces; furniture, lamps, textiles, accessories, etc.